How do I get back to my Age-Module Account

You may take a break from completing the Age-Module you've registered for at any time.   If you log off, you may click on the link below to log back in.

USA Hockey Age-Module Account:

Some things to know... 

  • You will always be able to login to your Age-Module account even if your Age-Modules have expired.  This allows you to print receipts and any certificates you have obtained.
  • The Age-Module(s) you have subscribed to are accessible throughout the current season - this usually ends around the end of April, but check the module expiration date on your Account page.
  • Important!  To receive credit for completing an Age-Module, the module must be completed by December 31st of the current season.   If you complete a module after this date, then you'll be credited for next season.

Article ID: 54, Created On: 9/16/2016, Modified: 7/14/2017