Age-Module Registration steps

PLEASE NOTE: The Age-Module system requires that you have a unique email address.  We use this email address to send you information such as purchase receipts, and your Age-Module completion notification.  Before registering for an Age-Module, please verify that the email address under your USA Hockey Membership account is for you alone and is not being shared with anyone else, this includes family members.

To Register for a Module:

Visit the USA Hockey Age-Module home page

1. Choose your Age-Group:

Select an age group from the drop down list and click "NEXT".

2. Enter your USA Hockey Confirmation Number:
On the next page you will be prompted to enter your USA Hockey Confirmation Number.  This is the number you received after setting up your USA Hockey Membership account and will look similar to, "758340354PER".  After entering your Confirmation Number, click on the "Next" button.

3. Enter a password for your Age-Module account.
If you have previously registered, you will now be prompted to enter the password for your account, otherwise, you will be asked to confirm that the email address listed is correct and to enter a new password for your Age-Module account.   Click "Next" when you are ready to continue.

4. Coaching Questions
Complete the USA Hockey Requirement questions then click "NEXT"

5. Payment Page
Please enter your payment information and click "NEXT".   You will be able to review the Age-Module order on the next page before your credit card is charged.

6. Complete Registration
After verifying your registration and payment information is correct, click the "FINISH" button to complete the registration.  Follow the instructions to begin the Age-Module you have registered for.

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